Strategy and management
Risk and compliance
IT & Systems

Strategy & Management

For any legal business to succeed it must have a sound strategic plan more now than ever given the changes affecting the market. This must originate from the owners of the business and it must accord with their own agendas if it is to have any chance of succeeding. Cann Consultancy can facilitate the discussion to enable the owners of law firms settle upon a strategy that positions them in the market place to compete effectively with all of the legal business structures that are now emerging.

Future success will depend upon you extracting maximum performance from the owners of the business. This is achieved by ensuring that individual objectives are in line with business objectives, which align with the organisationís strategic plan. Innovative reward structures linked to SMART objectives will bring the best out of people at all levels of your business but especially the owners. Cann Consultancy has experience of designing and implementing remuneration plans that improve profitability.

Sometimes it is lonely at the top. It helps to have someone outside of the ownership structure to bounce ideas off, and to keep senior management on-track. Cann Consultancy has experience of mentoring at the highest level and can help managing owners achieve personal and business success.

Sound financial management is key to any successful business. Cann Consultancy has experience of designing financial management information and reward structures so that it concentrates on cash collection rather than the more traditional time recording and billing (both of which are vital performance indicators) so that reducing ‘lock-up’ becomes a priority in the business and staff are rewarded for bringing in the ‘life blood’ of any organisation.

Nobody likes change, and yet a dynamic legal business wishing to compete effectively today is going to have to change like they have never changed before. Cann Consultancy has many years of experience of managing change at all levels and can make the process as pain free as possible for your owners and staff.

Client satisfaction is the measurement of performance that drives all others. Without it a legal business cannot survive. So why do so few firms measure this? Cann Consultancy has experience of designing and implementing internal and external client satisfaction procedures to ensure that the owners of the business have a very good feel for what their clients think of them.

Risk & Compliance

Anti money laundering and counter terrorist funding regulations are now essential reading for any managers of a legal business. The penalties for getting it wrong are severe. Cann Consultancy has experience of designing policies and procedures to comply with the regulations and practice notes, implementing them in the business, and training owners and staff to follow them. We can even supply a telephone hotline for your day-to-day questions on compliance in this area.

Cann Consultancy has project managed the introduction of Lexcel, CQS and Investors in People standards to busy general practices and can guide your business to achieving these standards through practical use of your existing IT systems. The majority of law firms have now had at least one SRA visit. Cann Consultancy has experience of managing both the standard PSU audit, and the forensic investigation team investigation. Whether you have a date for your first/next audit or anticipate that it will not be far away, Cann Consultancy can help you to prepare for that visit and remove some of the anxiety you must be feeling at the prospect.

For all those businesses that have managed to survive the recession, the biggest risk they face is the huge cash drain that future growth plans will make on their resources. Cann Consultancy has extensive experience with hands on management of working capital and lock-up, providing proven systems, training/coaching at all levels, and management information to maximise the cash available to your business.

The greatest risk to all legal businesses is their clients. Ensuring that only profitable clients are accepted, that they are not money launderers nor terrorists, that their retainer is accepted on the correct terms, that they are communicated with effectively and billed in a timely fashion, and that their matter is closed properly are all tasks that most fee earners see as a bureaucratic barrier to doing their job. Effective use of IT and systems can make such procedures easy for those at the coal-face to follow leading to good habits and increased performance for the business.

IT & Systems

If you haven’t yet invested a lot of money into your IT infrastructure you need to be thinking about doing so. Your competitors have done or are doing so at this moment. To succeed you must have reliable and modern systems

Cann Consultancy has ten years experience of outsourcing law firm IT functions to an Application Service Provider (now known as ‘SaaS’ or ‘Cloud computing’). This is a very cost effective way of rapidly upgrading your IT to compete with the best for a modest charge calculated on a per-user-per-month basis.

If you have already made that investment, you need to be making it work for you. From designing workflows for bulk supply departments, to matter management templates for commercial departments, Cann Consultancy has the experience to help you squeeze every last penny out of that software.

Risk is all around us in business. It makes sense that you should be using your expensive IT hardware and software to help you manage that risk. From client due diligence to archiving, IT should be taking the pain out of compliance and risk management. Cann Consultancy has the knowledge to make your IT work for its living.

At the very least you should be able to extract your key management information. We have extensive experience in extracting those key performance indicators that your business needs if it is to be a success.

Regulations dictate that you must have a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan which is tested regularly. We can develop that plan with you and carry out rigorous testing so that you can drive your business forward safe in the knowledge that it would survive even if the worst were to happen.